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Our Elevator Pitch. Your Ride Up To The Top

Many view marketing communications development as an expense. Yet, done right, it is among the wisest investments a company can make. Want Proof? Over the course of his career, Founder Mark Schneider and teams, have improved (often dramatically) the results of over 79% of the marketing campaigns they have taken over; based on norms this is an exceptionally high number. Results include work with over one-third of the Fortune 1000 and dozens of SMBs and start-ups around the world. What is CI’s secret sauce?

10 Reasons You Can Count On Creative Intelligence To Power Up Results

  1. Mission Critical: Many campaigns garner a “That’s cool” response. Our mission is different. CI’s communications are designed to elicit a “Wow, I want that—now” response. Yes, creativity and breaking through the clutter is a major factor, but your product must be the hero… not the execution.
  2. Freaky High Track Record: Many can talk of success. Few can prove it. Even fewer have our proven track record working with over one-third of the Fortune 1000 and dozens of SMBs and startups around the globe. Dozens of case studies upon request.
  3. Tried & New: CI bridges the gap and integrates multi-channel classic marketing (branding, direct, DRTV, WOMM, CRM) with new media. We can collaborate with your social media gurus to bring out the best of yesterday and today, tomorrow.
  4. Multi-Channel Big Data Communications: Based on our heritage  (Founder Mark Schneider launched the first big data communications division in the U.S.) data drives everything we do. And we do it across many channels—TV, Video, Email, Direct Mail, Print, Web and  Social, We are masters at turning hard data and cold facts into warm, inviting, targeted messaging that produces sustainable results results.
  5. Technology Enabled Marketing. We partner with a number of highly vetted new technologies that push marketing into another realm of possibilities.
  6. Experience Reigns: In today’s innovative era, there’s simply no substitute for experience. When it comes to marketing in 2014 what you don’t know can quickly kill your brand. CI doesn’t know everything—that’s for sure. But we have in-depth knowledge of marketing’s best practices, tricks, secrets and rule breaking scenarios.
  7. Closer Collaboration: CI collaborates on a much closer level with its clients’ decision-makers. Doing so eliminates guesswork, reduces risk and dramatically improves results.
  8. Having Fun: Statistics prove that being upbeat—even during stressful times— brings out the best in creativity.
  9. Fresh Perspectives: Our close-knit alliance network (See Partners) includes creative specialists from a wide-range of disciplines: Designers, TV producers, researchers, technology specialists, media gurus, SEO and social media experts.
  10. No-No’s Muddy shoes, politics and egos are always left at the door. Enter success. Call Mark now at 484.788.8955

“Love your lyrics. You have a way with words young man…”


Singer|Ray Charles

“Saw your work. Glad to have you on board.”


Ad legend|David Ogivly

Services With a Smile

Branded Big Data DRTV System:

2,000 Case Studies

Has your online lead generation flatlined? Take your brand awareness and lead generation to an entirely new, national level… for the cost of an SEO campaign. Partnership with infomercial & DRTV  pioneer: Meltzer Media

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Creative Intelligence has a long standing relationship with one of the biggest DRTV/Infomercial companies in the U.S.: Meltzer Media. CI brings years of national advertising campaign experience and combines that knowledge with Meltzer Media’s extensive Big Data DRTV Production & Analytics.

  • Everything is based on big data norms culled from over 2,000 case studies
  • Turnkey Branded BigData DRTV System: Strategy. Creative. Production. Media. Analytics
  • Gain instant brand credibility associated with showcasing your company on national TV
  • Dramatically increase your credibility and brand awareness
  • Experience more lead generation than ever before
  • Pro-Former outlines everything up front
  • If you think you can’t afford  national TV, think again.

Multi-Channel Content Mtkg:

Storytelling & Selling

If content is king, don’t you need ace-of spades execution? Gain invaluable content secrets culled from working with the world’s biggest pubs: Entertainment Weekly, Time, People, Sports Illustrated. Esquire, Men’s Health, Money.

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CI has extensive experience developing multi-touchpoint,  integrated content that intelligently links together web, video, TV, direct mail, email, LP, microsites and social.

LinkedIn Plastic|Brain Surgery:

Partners w/

Become dramatically more visible, desirable and referable on the world’s number executive meeting place: LinkedIn. Discover the benefits of a LI Profile Facelift and how Content Brain Surgery can catapult you into a thought leader.

Look Better. Connect More.

For Individuals

  • Create your brand voice and professional story that encourages views and develops meaningful human-to-human connections.
  • Responsive branding techniques culled directly from working with over one-third of the Fortune 1000 and dozens of SMBs/Start-Ups around the globe.
  • Discover how to dramatically increase your thought leadership via intelligent content curation and marketing.

For Companies

  • Creative Intelligence partners
  • Become more visible,  desirable and referable with over 2,000,000 C-Level/EVP decision makers around the globe.
  • Discover our exclusive H2H (Human to Human) B2B Lead Generation System
  • Referable doesn’t create leads… it develops relationships that lead to major business.

Multi-Channel Copywriting:

Wants Vs. Reads

Many can write. Few can persuade. Only a select few can effectively blend classic branding, direct and fresh content techniques so that you website, microsite, Landing Page, Video, direct mail or email  content/copy is more than a must read… it delivers a must want, take action now, response. Dozens of studies.

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In a world where there is more content than people, there is very little that is truly worth reading. Our  Wow-Bow-Now-How- Cow approach is vastly different and consistently delivers high ROI.

  1. Wow: Be it a sale or a download there’s only one goal:  “Wow, I gotta have that.
  2. Now: In marketing it’s either now or never. Create a sense of urgency via a killer offer.
  3. Bow: Take a bow and show off your “credibility”
  4. How: Showcase a great, easy to understand demo and your off to the races.
  5. Cow: Keep milking your relationship. It often takes 8-15 intelligent touchpoints to truly touch a prospect.

Your Naked Startup:

How To Dress for Success

Create a Smart Brand ID, Clear Voice and Lean Communications Skeleton that enables you to make a powerful first impression. When it comes to marketing foundations,  what you don’t know can kill your brand. Creative Intelligence can help you avoid those “Damn, I wish I knew that” pitfalls that befall startups.

Fail Fast. Succeed Sooner. Learn More.

Pioneering Lead Generation:

H2H B2B & B2C

Discover best practices, secrets, tricks derived  from pioneering some of the world’s first CRM campaigns. Learn the science and art of planning, testing, tracking and executing wildly effective multi-channel H2H (Human to Human) B2B & B2C  lead generation and DRIP campaigns.

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Attracting and engaging prospects is easier said than done. It take great insights, true creativity and tremendous experience to understand how to intelligently blend lead generation art and science. You can learn the hard way—through trial and error. Or you can take the easy route—work with Creative Intelligence and gain 20 years of knowledge virtually overnight.

Creative Intelligence (CI) is an executive marketing communications company. Founder Mark Schneider takes the lead on all projects. When an additional specialist need arises, CI teams with one of its official partners (See below):

  • Love brainstorms. Hate hail storms.
  • Love “We did it”. Hate “I did it”.
  • Love to achieve the perceived impossible. Hate when someone says “It can’t be done”.
  • Love when the chemistry is magical. Hate finger pointing.
  • Love to win. Hate sore losers.

Mark.May2013About Founder iMark Schneider:As a Strategist/Executive Creative Director/Copy & Content Developer, Mark has developed campaigns for over one-third of the Fortune 1000 and dozens of SMBs around the globe. He successfully  launched two national communications divisions: Deutsch Direct & Targetbase Marketing: The first Big Data Communications division in the U.S.

Here’s what others have to say about Mark: Testimonial Summary culled from 27 testimonials from C-Level, Executive Level clients, vendors and partners across the globe.

Mark is one of the most brilliant creative minds around My favorite all time creative director Probably the best content creator alive  •  He helped us intelligently weave together branding and direct components and showed us many tricks of the trade. • A true creative professional who sees opportunities rather than obstacles regardless of the business or the market.”

“Mark doesn’t look for the easy answer, just the best answer. Mark is grounded with  a strong desire to consume insights to customer behavior, including data, and couple it with a grasp of a brand’s competitive advantages as the basis for developing brand positioning and marketing communications • He understands the importance of how data, insight, strategy and measurement can dramatically improve concepts, copy and a client’s bottom line. • His knowledge and success extends across industries, from consumer-packaged goods to insurance, and from media to IBM.”

What he does exceptionally well is understand complex things and break them down into simple things.

Among direct response professionals “in the know,” he’s actually quite famous for his innovative and groundbreaking ideas in TV and video • Mark’s a relentless and dynamic writer that gets the most out each script he writes. He ALWAYS goes the extra mile to please his clients and suppliers. • Plus, he’s been an invaluable resource to me, and others like me, who are evolving along with – and innovating in – all the new emerging data, marketing and media channels.”

“He is a prolific creative and strategic thinker, a collaborator, and a guy who didn’t wear is ego on his sleeve. • I highly recommend his services to anyone interested in developing high quality, cutting edge work with integrity. Mark has been more to me than someone I enjoy working with, he’s someone I enjoy being around.

Creative Intelligence Partners Include: 

Meltzer Media (DRTV) • (LinkedIn Lead Generation) • (WordPress Design) • KeyVersion (Engagement/Nurturing Technology).

“Your the big idea guy. But it’s my company, so I get the credit.”


TV Provocateur|Donny Deutsch

“You are going to be an advertising superstar.”


Author | James Patterson

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