How CI Transforms Video Storytelling into Video Story-Selling

Most marketing videos are invisible or quickly tuned out… while a select few go viral. Most TV commercials make you head to the bathroom… while a few make you want to order now. Most videos try [but fail] to tell a great story… while a select few engage in storytelling so compelling, viewers we tear-up, cheer, and share. So the storytelling transforms into “story selling”.

As Seen on Super Bowls, Grammy’s…

Over the course of his career, Founder Mark Schneider has created, co-produced and co-directed over 150 TV spots. A few have aired on Super Bowls, Grammy’s and the Academy Awards. But even more important, many have produced record-breaking success. 

Turnkey Viral Video Creative & Production

Teaming with a noted network of producers, directors, and editors, Creative Intelligence is a turnkey creative and production company that produces high-ROI videos. Results will blow your mind, without blowing your budget.

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