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Dear Copywriter & Content Developer Explorer:

Is your copywriting and content producing 2 of hearts results and breaking the heart of your business? Since content is the acknowledged king of marketing, don’t you need an ace of spades writer to deliver your marketing gold?

Enter the Omni-Channel Copywriting and Content System, Exclusively from Mark Schneider. I‘ve had the privilege of working with over one-third of the Fortune 1000; helping some of the world’s biggest brands produce larger than life results. Just as important, I’ve proudly helped dozens of SMBs and startups become much larger fish in their respective ponds.   

Many can write. Few can write very persuasively. Many can produce results, but only a select few have produced over 75 national (and dozens of local) case studies and sold over $1 billion dollars’ worth of products and services.




Many can develop great content… but few can effectively integrate great content with classic branding and direct response copy. Even fewer can incorporate a unique brand voice that slices through the clutter and delivers a complete buyer’s journey experience that captures the eyes, hearts, and wallets of targeted prospects.

Many can write headlines, but few can craft headlines that make headlines. Many can tell video stories. but few can produce story-selling videos that have encouraged over 2 million people to try a new product for the first time. Many can create offers, but few can develop irresistible lead magnets that have persuaded over 587,000 people to purchase a product in six weeks. Many can produce Facebook Likes, but few can turn those Likes into true product love that converts prospects into leads and leads to customers. 






Many can promise you the world, but few can consistently deliver. I have failed many times and learned a lot. What you don’t know can kill your business and my 25+ years of experience can help save and make you a fortune.

I’ve launched uber successful communications divisions for celebrated companies. For the last 7 years, I’ve focused on start-ups with a couple of “close but no cigar” home run victories. Now I’m jumping back to my marketing roots and specialization that has delivered my greatest success stories: copywriting and content creation. I proclaim with confidence “I will help take your business to another level. Guaranteed.”

Looking forward,
Mark Schneider
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